About Us

“Bridges is a phenomenal community asset for Monmouth” – Sara Rochira, Older People’s commissioner for Wales 

“Bridges has a special place in the hearts of everyone living in and around Monmouth. It plays host to a huge range of community events from charity fundraisers, support groups, classes in yoga, drama and much more.” David Davies, MP for Monmouthshire

Welcome to the Bridges Centre at Drybridge House, Monmouth; and to the numerous community activities, events and initiatives we offer throughout Monmouthshire.

Bridges is an independent Monmouth-based charity, established in 1984, whose aim has always been to enhance the wellbeing of the local community. The base for its work since 2003 has been Drybridge House, an important part of Monmouth’s heritage.

Drybridge House now opens its doors to young and old alike; its spacious interiors welcoming and able to accommodate the diverse needs of mother and toddler groups, children, young people with learning difficulties and social challenges, the able-bodied, the elderly, the vulnerable and the socially isolated.

Bridges supports vulnerable people
We make a difference to the lives of older people, rurally isolated people, young adults with additional needs, people with mobility challenges and those who are economically disadvantaged.

Bridges is a focus for the community and a place for people to meet
It’s a place where people can be fit and healthy, learn new skills, make friends, build social connections, contribute through volunteering and become more resilient.

Bridges helps sustain locally accessible services
It’s a local base for services from the local authority, charities, voluntary groups, and commercial services. With more than 60 regular meetings per week – providing a wide range of services from Bereavement Support to the National Childbirth Trust – Bridges plays a vitally important role by offering services to the local community. We provide a base for four charities, local health visitors and 15 self-help and support groups.

Bridges supports enterprise and job creation
An affordable, connected base for small businesses, business start-ups and freelancers offering hot-desking, permanent occupancy and room rental for meetings.


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