My time working at Bridges Centre

When I started working for Bridges Centre as an apprentice back in February I was unsure what to expect of my time here at Bridges and what I envisaged my future to be. From the first day I received the warmest of welcomes from everyone which helped settle me quickly and feel like park of the team. My time here has gone so fast and it is hard to believe that I am leaving so soon. I did not initially want to cut my time here so short, but the opportunity presented itself to go to University to study International Hospitality Management at Oxford Brookes and I could not turn such a good opportunity down. So I took the bold decision to leave Bridges in order to further my newly found career path of hospitality management. During my apprenticeship at Bridges I have developed many skills from improving my IT skills to how to run and manage events. I found my apprenticeship to be an excellent opportunity to learn and develop within a working environment. I would recommend Bridges Centre as an excellent venue for undertaking an apprenticeship to anyone who is either unsure of a career path or just needs the valuable skills in order to progress onto a different job role as the work at Bridges is so varied.

My time at Bridges has certainly been a unique one in which I’ll never forget. I have met some truly lovely people in which I hope to keep in contact with after I leave in September. But I won’t be leaving for good as I shall be returning for ‘Bridges Comes Dancing’ next year!

Dorothy Laidler

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