Art Room Floor Crisis At Bridges Centre

In the Art room where Home Start used as their office space we discovered a major problem in the floor during early July. We had hoped that this issue would have been easy to resolve, so moved Home Start into the Rolls Room from mid-July in order for us to carry out work on the floor. However, the problem quickly proved to be more significant than anticipated. We discovered that the main oak beams had sunken six inches, so we had to call the specialists in. The specialists deemed it to be unsafe to use and that we would have to seek listed building consent for the work to be carried out. As a result, Home Start cannot move back into their office as planned in September as this has turned into a big project to fix to Art room floor. Due to the finical costs and the lengthier duration of this project we hope that the team we have recruited to help fix the floor will complete the renovation as quick as possible, so Home Start can move back into their office space in 2017.

no-entry   floor   floor-2