Volunteering for Wellbeing is a Bridges project recruiting, training and supporting volunteers to provide support to others in the community.

The project is setting up groups and activities, bringing people together to help to improve wellbeing, enable friendships and support networks to develop, and help people to feel more involved with their community.

Helping others and doing something meaningful can really help people feel good about themselves and can be a great way of building confidence to access further training and employment. We all need different things to feel well and happy. Some people may be able to ‘give’ support and some may need to ‘receive’ support, but we can all benefit from being with others and doing activities we enjoy.

Opportunities for volunteering may be in all sorts of settings, for example:-

  • Helping with refreshments and activities in social groups for people who are feeling isolated
  • Visiting people to provide company to people who can’t get out
  • Driving someone to an appointment
  • Assisting on a gardening project that involves people affected by mental health problems
  • Sharing a skill or knowledge with others e.g. playing an instrument, sewing, painting or reading

Some quotes from volunteers:-

  • It gets you involved with the community and doing something positive. - Richard 
  • It’s nice to feel you are wanted, that’s good for your mental health. - Geraldine
  • You feel good because you are making someone else’s day better. - Amber

Volunteer coordinators are available across the county to talk to anyone interested in volunteering:-

Download our information leaflet HERE

For more information go to www.volunteeringmonmouthshire.org.uk




email: wellbeing@bridgescentre.org.uk