About the Intergenerational Tea Dance

The Intergenerational Tea Dance is on Thursdays between 1.45pm and 3.15pm.  There is no entry fee but donations are welcome.

The tea dance is for everyone in the community and is run by volunteers.  The dancing is led by a qualified dance instructor, Ann Brankley, who supplies the music, leads the dances and teaches new steps.

There is no need for a partner or any dancing skills to attend.  Wheelchair users are welcome and are included in most of the dancing.  There are plenty of people to assist individuals to dance but carers should stay with anyone they bring.

We dance for an hour and then have a cup of tea and a biscuit until 3.15pm.  We occasionally have local performers too!

The Monmouth Tea Dance has been going since June 2006 and is an intergenerational project with ages ranging from babies to a 99 year old gentleman.

It’s a real hoot!

If you would like more information about coming along or volunteering please call Marianne on 01600 887568.

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